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5-30W Green Laser
Category:Green Laser
Output power:>5、20、30W@30KHz
Monopulse pulse energy:1mJ@30KHz
Pules Repetition Frequency:10-150KHz
Pulse duration:<15ns@30KHz
Pulse-to-Pulse stability:< 3%
Average power stability:< 3 %
Spatial mode:TEMOO(M2<1.2)
Polarization ratio:>100:1 Horizontal
Beam diameter at output:0.8mm
Beam circularity:>90%
Warm-up time:<15min
Ambient Temperature:18℃-35℃
Storage Temperature:-10℃-50℃
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Product Presentation

Product introduction
5-30W Universal water-cooled Green laser adopts optimal-design laser resonator cavity,it can achieve stable output of 532nm Green laser with high quality beam which with output power over 15W . At the same time, a patented laser crystal clamp is used to avoid the bursting phenomenon of the laser crystal at high pump power and improve the thermal stability of the laser. With Selected high-quality imported pumping source,the Green laser spot energy is uniform and with high roundness. The laser head can be separated from the power box, and the installation and maintenance is simple and convenient. By introducing the manufacturing technology without adjusting frame, the mechanical performance of the laser is reliable and can run stably for a long time.

Product characteristics
1. Separate design;
2. Strong mechanical stability;
3. Strong resistance to external temperature interference;
4. High long-term stability, 24/7 industrial application;
5. CLASS 1000 dust-free workshop installation;
6. Rs232 remote computer control;
7. Good beam quality;
8. External TTL and PWM control;
9. The repetition frequency is adjustable from 10 to 150 KHz.