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Advantages of product and service
The company’s R&D team is led by Professor Huang Guobiao, former director of the Solid State Laser Research Department of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, who has developed the first picosecond laser in China. The R&D team has a master’s degree or above, and has rich experience in the laser industry. Professor Huang has devoted himself to solid-state laser technology for decades, which is the leading technology in the world. Laser manufacturing absorbs advanced manufacturing technology from Europe and the United States. The installation technology without adjusting frame is innovatively adopted in product manufacturing, which greatly improves the mechanical and optical stability of laser.

Rich experience
The company’s core team has more than 10 years of advanced solid-state laser research and development, manufacturing and industrial application experience, and has undertaken many national science and technology projects.

Product quality
Each product has strict quality testing, using aviation-grade materials. To ensure the high quality requirements of customers’products, customers can rest assured that we are at ease. The company’s after-sales service system is perfect, which can quickly respond to customer’s after-sales maintenance needs and provide high-quality after-sales service.

Specialized production equipment
The company has advanced production equipment, strong professional production equipment units, high-level mechanical equipment, fully equipped, with professional engineers of research-level mechanical engineers and complete mechanical processing and sheet metal processing capabilities, laser-related supporting capabilities are very strong. The company’s products are produced in batches to ensure the delivery of solid-state laser products.

Practical experience
A series of automatic production and measurement of high-end equipment and design a series of optimization solutions for customers in the process of production and processing. Over the years of development, the company has accumulated rich experience in engineering research and development, design and production technology.